Über uns

About Halyard

Halyard, now part of the Owens & Minor family, is focused on advancing health and healthcare by delivering clinically-superior infection prevention and surgical solutions. Halyard sells its recognized sterilization wrap, facial protection, gloves, protective apparel, surgical drapes and gowns in more than 100 countries, and holds leading market positions across the portfolio.

Our Name

Halyard [hal-yerd] is a nautical term referring to the line used for hoisting the sails that propel a ship forward.  Halyard suggests progress: our effort to advance health and healthcare by preventing infection, eliminating pain, and speeding recovery. As a word, halyard is distinct, easy to pronounce, and memorable.  As a name, Halyard carries many positive connotations and can be a strong metaphor for many aspects of our brand and business:

  • As a halyard raises a ship’s sails – we seek to raise the bar and the standards and quality of healthcare
  • As a halyard enables acceleration across the water – we strive to accelerate positive change and improvement in our industry
  • As a halyard requires teamwork – we believe teamwork is critical to better results and outcomes
  • As a halyard is also used to raise a flag for all to see – we are putting a stake in the ground and moving into a new era for our company

Our Story

Halyard wants to be the best at delivering clinically superior solutions and reliable surgical and infection prevention supplies and all of this with remarkable service. By doing so we will get back to the place that we deserve and that is a market leadership position both in the OR and CSSD as the total solution provider in the surgical & prevention infection area.

Our Mission

At Halyard, we are dedicated to advancing health and healthcare. Because when people are healthy, they live better and do more. Together, we can make a better, healthier future and reality for all of us.

Our Vision

We care about each other, our customers and our community. We operate with integrity and are passionate about:

  • delivering innovation to the marketplace
  • working collaboratively in high performing teams
  • developing and empowering individuals